We’re a company of people who believe that nature has the best solutions for just about everything we need. To do the job of clearing tough clogs in drains and pipes, we found nature could do it best.

Green Gobbler granular drain cleaner meets all green ingredient guidelines due to the fact that is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and its production process generate no waste. Yet, is powerful enough to liquefy grease, hair, soap scum, cigarette butts, feminine products, and any kind of paper products that tend to clog up drain lines and sewer lines – and that makes us and the environment very happy.

Next time someone says you need toxic chemicals to clear tough clogs, tell them about Green Gobbler.




Our revolutionary Drain Opening Pac delivery system is designer to safely pour the right amount to clear a clog. No splashing, no waste, no measuring.


Green Gobbler is Environmentally Non-Toxic and completely biodegradable; a safer answer for our rivers and marine life.

Phosphate-free and contains no VOCs, petroleum solvents, chlorine, flourine, ethoxylates, dye, synthetic fragrance, bleach, sulfate organic compounds.

Meets or exceeds all US biodegradability standards.

Follows the Principles of “Green Chemistry” as described by the EPA.

Finally, Power and Green Can Work Together!